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Edko Nail Systems

Edko Nail Systems is the passion project spearheaded by two of the world’s most well respected nail manicurists in the world. Over the past 18 years, Emese Koppanyi and Frederic Edange have traveled to over twenty different countries competing, training, and making a name for themselves. The Edko brand preaches precision and technique, and offers the most unique aesthetic you will find in any nail brand.

Their precision is proven by the pair having won more than 60 awards internationally, and by being currently ranked in top 10 for top nail artists in the world. They lay claim to the world’s thinnest artificial nail, and now sell the world’s smallest acrylic brush. Their artistry and attention to detail is immediately apparent to professionals alike and the customers they serve.

Emese and Frederic have been married for three years and currently reside in Los Angeles. While both are fiercely competitive, they both will tell you that their biggest joy is to teach; even in countries with language barriers and even during their most grueling training sessions, they walk away with lifelong friends.


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